Wani's Internship


What’s it like to work as an intern with Michael’s Chemist?


At Michael’s Chemist, we foster an environment of learning, support and community. We are always looking to help interns get experience in a pharmacy and/or dispensary and we love hearing from students who are keen to develop their understanding of the industry as well as look for experience.


We asked an intern at our Wembley Dispensary a few questions about working with the Michael’s Chemist team to gain a better understanding of the experience:




Why did you choose Michael's Chemist to do your internship? 


When I was trying to find internship I looked for every internship opportunity and I went for several interviews. I was also offered other places for internship however it was the interview process with Michael itself at Claremont that made me choose to do my internship with Michael. I was honest and upfront about not having any experience working in a pharmacy in Australia. The interview was more like a conversation and Michael was so encouraging and even explained what the organisation could offer. What pulled me in was how he asked about my views and opinion on how to make the pharmacy world a better place. That made me realised that he was listening to everyone even a stranger like me at that point. It was a turning point that made me want to not just work for but also work with Michael and his organisation to help the community which was my one true principle in life.


What have you enjoyed in your internship so far?


Like all new places it can be difficult to understand the processes of the job scope but the people is what makes the organisation. The people made me stay because they looked at me as part of a family. There were times where I was lost but they always asked me "are you alright wani?" or "do you need help?". It may seem small but these are traits which made me feel so welcomed. 


What is the most challenging aspect of your internship?


The most challenging aspect is time management and my health. I wilk be frank as an intern it is super hard especially when we are trying to do a million things at once. I am a person who tends to fall sick easily but when there is something I need help with I knew I could rely on the pharmacy pharmacists and pharmacy assistant for help. They are always ready to give me a helping hand.


What is your best memory so far?


I have 2 best memories, the first was when I broke the ice with Despo and Chandra. The three of us went for a Blackmores product talk. The 3 of us got so lost but we were laughing about the whole incident. It was such a fun and eventful night. This made our bond stronger. Till today we still talk about that night. This paved another way for us to go out again for Despo's birthday. Next up Chandra's birthday.

The second was when I got injured and resting in bed Jarred, Naseera,Despo and Chandra all wished me on my birthday. I was so surprised. When I recovered and came back they all celebrated it. I was soo overwhelm but I didn’t want to cry. I forgotten that I am also a part of Michael's Chemist family.



What do you think people might not know about doing an internship?


Everyone knows internship is extremely hard but beating yourself up over and over again doesn’t help you or anyone around you. So take each day at a time. It is a marathon not a sprint. By slowing down you learn more and understand people, processes and your own capabilities. These will then help forge you as a better pharmacist not just for yourself but for everyone. It is okay to make mistakes as now is the time to learn and it takes time. Thus, setting realistic goals is the way to go.



What are your tips for final year students looking for an internship?


  1. Communication is key! Speak to everyone and learn everything as much as you can. You won’t be 100% but as I mentioned it takes time. Be upfront about yourself.
  2. Preceptors are your advisor, friend and companion. Your preceptor is there to teach and guide you. If you need something they are always there. 
  3. Ask and ask again. From the beginning I was upfront and mentioned to my preceptor that I am a person who tends to ask questions and need repetition in order to understand workflow. Thus, Jarrod was always so patient and supportive. 
  4. Be patient with yourself and everyone around you. It is hard for both yourself and everyone around you as you are a new addition to the organisation. Take it slow and absorb whatever information you can. If one way doesn’t work find an alternate solution.



If you’re up to 12 months away from needing some experience, reach out to us via the Internship link here and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we may be able to help.